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Ugo Fine Arts: The Rising Fine Artist to Look Out For

Cruz, Martin

Nov 5, 2020

LA Wire

With an ultimate vision for self and worldly betterment, Ugo Agoruah paints his way through sensuality, identity, emotions, and appreciation for life. Ugo Fine Arts collection displays a wide range of timeless art pieces that speak for themselves while invoking healing and learning.

The rising fine artist behind Ugo Fine Arts is Ugo Agoruah, a Nigerian-American artist based in Atlanta whose artwork combines skill, depth, and arrangement of colors. Taking on a didactic approach, learning more about himself and the world, he creates timeless pieces that capture the hearts of movers, creators, patrons of art, and all other art enthusiasts.

The story of Ugo Fine Arts is a story of “reflection, transition, and reevaluation.” While he grew up drawing for as long as he can remember, it was only in 2015 when he fully understood the importance of art. Pursuing a biology degree at Kennesaw State University, he felt the need to reassess himself and what he wanted to do with his life. Instead, he found himself overworking, filling any extra time by picking up shifts and working doubles. The lifestyle took a toll on him, and before he knew it, he went into depression catalyzed by his existential crisis. Finally, taking a step back, it dawned upon him that what he thought for himself was no longer what he wanted for himself. 

Eventually, Ugo returned to school and created an art piece later accepted into KSU’s Vision Exhibition, his first juried art exhibition. This began Ugo Fine Arts as he continued to use art to get to know himself deeper and aid in his development as a person and an artist. 

Ugo Fine Arts pieces are created with purpose and modeled after the classical masters, studying and refining his skills, post graduation, with The Markeidric Group and the African & American Painters Association. Through his virtual fine arts gallery, Ugo makes a statement and creatively paints a narrative of life. With subjects varying from “the superficial, the pleasurable, the transcendental, and the didactic,” the rising fine artist champions his way through contemporary figurative art. The collection reveals the magnitude of the Atlanta art scene. Moreover, Ugo creates a group fine art exhibition, dubbed Art Nexus: Realm of Virtues, to highlight movers and shakers in Atlanta’s art community as he prepares himself to travel back to Nigeria to deepen his roots and for his self made artist-in-residency.

Today, Ugo Fine Arts is the creative space where Ugo Agoruah expresses his transformations, realizations, discoveries, and explorations about his roots and the outside world. Through the incredible masterpieces displayed in the gallery, others can see the world through Ugo’s artistic lens. Essentially, the gallery also hopes to show the world the rich art culture that lies within the heart of Atlanta.

In the future, Ugo Agoruah hopes to take Ugo Fine Arts to a grander level. By continuing his lifelong studies through travel and work, he hopes to advance his skills in the art discipline, at the same time, expanding his horizons with each step that he takes.

To know more about Ugo Fine Arts and Ugo Agoruah, please check out the gallery’s official website and his Instagram page (@ugo_finearts)

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