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Understanding Your Why's - Born Day Fasting _ 01/30/22

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

On This day of fasting, I choose to reflect on what my desires are and possibly even more important, the "Why's" of my desires.

This is no easy feat by any means. Digging deeper than just the surface level can be a very daunting journey. Who knows what hidden motives we might find in our own hearts? Motives that we, perhaps, are not ready to accept. But these reflections are all still part of us, and it is our duty as those aiming for betterment and understanding of self to dive in, so that we can flourish properly.

Knowing your "why's" is important, because without them, you will constantly be looking for motivation to get you to do what it is that you've been trying to force yourself to start. Your why's will align you to your true intentions, as well as, make it easier for you to create habits that will help build you towards your ideals.

Always remember that REASONS REAP RESULTS.

Ugo Agoruah

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