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Preparations - Born Day Fasting _ 02/20/22

Updated: Apr 5

Peace and blessings to all,

The intention for today has been preparation, specifically for the week ahead and for future success. As I have mediflected on this intention, the idea of inheritance has come to mind.That being said, this isn't necessarily in reference to the generations that are to come, but instead, it refers to what we inherit from ourselves. Each new day is a reset, or rather an awakening into new life . With that in mind, the question that we ask ourselves becomes, "What is it that we are leaving for our future selves/ our future lives?" The lives that we want for ourselves in the future has a cost. Are we leaving ourselves an inheritance of debts to be paid? Or are we leaving a foundation on which to build success upon?

If we intend to leave an inheritance for our future selves that leads to a life of ease and flow, we must do today what can be done today and prepare ourselves to move into a more abundant tomorrow.

As I work on self improvement and discipline, I offer transparency. I must admit, I've carried my intentions of preparation on Sunday into Monday. I struggled a bit with staying on task and allowed myself to be distracted by a multitude of things even after cutting out certain other things for my fast. Learning to be kind to myself and to just pick up where I've fumbled has been a saving grace to my headspace. For that I give thanks.

Ugo Agoruah

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