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Finishing What You Started - Born Day Fasting _ 02/27/22

Updated: Apr 5

Being someone with varied interest, it can be easy for me drop or set aside a project in favor of the next one . Reasons for doing so vary like the seasons. Maybe I've reached a point of resistance in my current project and don't know how to move forward, or maybe, I'm simply inspired by another subject to the point where I can't (or don't want to) contain my urges.Whatever the case may be, I've left something unfinished. Though it's not often that I don't revisit my past begotten projects, I step forward with intention this week to close chapters left opened and to finish that painting or two that I started a couples years back. I wouldn't say its a bad thing to put things on pause though. Sometimes growth is needed, experiences have to be had to bring us back full circle. I like to say that the me of today is collabing with the me who started whatever project however long ago. We aren't the same people. We have two different sets of eyes, sitting in varied sets of emotions. Not even our style is the same in many cases. Maybe the past me is planting seeds for which my future self to eat the fruit of. Maybe the future me is entering my current consciousness and is dropping notes, preparing things for his own projects. In that way, I feel I'm unbounded by time...

Ugo Agoruah

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