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  • Ugo Agoruah

Running From Resistance

Taking the path of least resistance means moving forward in a way that keeps one aligned to the lowest amount of friction. In a way, this philosophy has been a principal statute in my life. I've allowed myself to flow in and out of things without much of a struggle. It has gotten me far, but I can't help but feel like there is something more to it. I feel as if there is something I have not yet reached. As if there has been a blockage of which needs to be removed. The more I ruminate on resistance, the more I illuminate my mind of what this blackened blockage could possibly be.
I travel back as far as my mind will take me. Back to when my thoughts were pure, unadulterated. Like a flood, instances of influence, indoctrination, and internalizations wash me over. These instances, I've come to realize, have since made up the framework of my mind. A fearful programming that I release today. Fear of resistance. Fear of disappointment. Fear of failure. Fear of unworthiness. Fear of confrontation. Though I have been on a path of continued growth, much of my growth has been that of which I have deemed appropriate on my own terms, as opposed to what I may have necessarily needed.
From today onward, these fears have no hold on my life. I don't fear resistance, I embrace it with open arms. I embrace optimal opportunities growth, so that I can walk the true path of no resistance, my true path to abundance.

(Artwork Shown: In The Face of The Beast, 18x24, Charcoal, 2018, Ugo Agoruah)

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