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Your True Voice

Who are you when you speak? When you speak from reason? When you speak from feeling? Whose voice are you using? Is it our own? Your parent's? Maybe a sibling's or a friend's? The voice you utilize can be formed from an amalgamation of experiences, including but not limited to, family upbringing, peer groups, religion or spirituality, and even media programming. But is this amalgamation of experiences really the source of your true voice?

It takes introspection, a process of asking yourself the hard questions, in order to find your true voice. You must mediflect on what energy you want to bring to any given situation. You must know how you want to leave others feeling after you've spoken to them. Knowing what you stand for, what your passions are, and the impact you want your life to have on this world, these are all encompassed by your conviction. This, in essence, is who we are.

Your voice is as unique to you as your fingerprint. That being said, we often hold back from speaking with our true voice, what is truly on our hearts, in fear of judgement, rejection, or alienation. As social beings, we have a longing for belonging, so it is understandable that we sometimes hold back, but we should never try to fit in so much it comes at the expense of our truths and personal expression. Our true expression of self is a powerful force. This force within you has the ability to breathe life into people or grind a person down into nothingness. With this power comes great responsibility to be mindful of how you deliver your messages. Also, with this power come great opportunity to create connections. Connections to the dreams we hold dear, to the people we want to meet, and to the experiences that we want to have.

Ugo Agoruah

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