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Cleaning House - Born day Fasting _ 02/06/22

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I started today thinking of cleaning things out. My mind, my to-do list, my relationships...Now, as I'm typing this, I'm not so sure that is what today has really been about. The more I sit and ponder on what my true intentions were behind wanting to clear things away from me, the more I realize that it was all really about creating boundaries, and even more importantly sticking to them. The reason why I had been feeling cluttered in different areas of my life is because I hadn't set boundaries that keep unwanted situations out of my safe space. When it came to my to-do list, it was creating boundaries around the time I'd designated for tasks that were important to me. When it came to relationships, it was creating boundaries around the type of behavior I would accept from people who I care about. This one felt a bit hard, especially coming from a history of people pleasing, but I know it's one of the most important things I have to act on for me to reach my best self. Last but not least, keeping boundaries in my mind, knowing that I can reel myself back in when I find my thoughts straying to far from where I want them to be. Creating these boundaries brings me to a better sense of control over my life, and I will continue strengthening my boundaries and discipline with as much intention as possible.

Ugo Agoruah

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