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Rest & Reflection - Born day Fasting _ 2/13/22

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It has been a big weekend with the opening of my latest featured exhibition, The Aboriginal Museum. It's been one of my favorite opening exhibitions in my career so far. To be able to come together as a team, with these artist that I consider my brothers, in order to create an experience that can really be felt. There is nothing like it. It was truly an experience to behold. There were tears, laughter, astonishment and much more. I'm so grateful to my Creator to have allowed me to connect with so many beautiful souls. I am truly blessed and favored by the Most High.

That being said, this week's fast has been focused of recovery. Resting my body from the excitement of this past week, taking in my experiences, and contemplating on how I want to move forward.

My thanks go out to all that shared in the communion that was the opening reception of The Aboriginal Museum, and I invite all who missed that day to do their spirits a favor and take time to experience the showcase first hand, as the gallery will be open through March 7th.

Ugo Agoruah

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