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To Be Present - Born Day Fasting

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

I'd like to express my gratitude for life today.

For being able to wake up to new light.

For the bird's songs as my morning playlist.

I sit here, taking it all in, while mediflecting on presence.

To truly show gratitude for the day, for this life, I have to be more present. I have to really be here as I say I am. I must allow the world to go through me. Listen when I'm supposed to listen. Feel when I'm supposed to feel. Act when I'm called to action. To grow in discernment in when I'm supposed to flow and when I'm to be still. I, sometimes, wish I could be still always and just sit within my contentment. Unfortunately, that is not the nature of man. We are meant to yearn for more. We are meant to strive to reach for perfection. In that, I have a long journey to strive towards. Imperfect as I may be, I know that there is something in me. Something in me that is meant to touch others, but that's if I can open up enough of myself for people to feel it. Then, even so, I can't expect people to feel me if I myself can't feel others. I've grappled with feelings of detachment most of my life. Sitting in one place, while my consciousness wanders light years away. Maybe as a defense mechanism for a sense of loneliness or fear of loss I developed as a child.. It has had its purpose, and I am thankful for it, but at this point in my life being able to be in control of when my mind chooses to wander off is of utmost importance. To build a powerful presence, I must be powerfully present. Whether that means not having my attention caught up by a nicely filled pair of skinny jeans breezing by, or keeping my phone down when I'm in the presence of those who I've deemed worthy of my time.

Ugo Agoruah

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1 Comment

Mildred Annette
Mildred Annette
Mar 22, 2022

Beautiful mediflection!!! Love it! --Mama Clark

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